24H City Hotel

Makati is known as one of the more posh cities in the country, with some of the most expensive rates especially for tourists. Thankfully, there are quite a few budget-friendly places one could check in for the night. 24H City Hotel is among these, aiming to provide a full hotel experience at an affordable price. But with all such lodgings, the most relevant question is “how much do you get for what you’re paying?”.

24-Hour-City-Hotel Room

24-Hour City Hotel

There are some low-cost lodgings that attempt to make up for their lack of facilities with something unique, such as a novel experience or something to pique the lodger’s interest. 24H City Hotel does the same thing, being the only such hotel that offers a 24-hour accomodation. This saves travellers — especially the business-oriented ones — the trouble of having to mind check-in times. There’s also a wide range of rooms, with more than 90 rooms split into Studio, Twin, De Luxe, and Executive types. There are also 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom suites, as well as corporate accommodations.

Despite the convenience that the 24-hour service and variety of rooms offer, there have been a few significant corners cut that would significantly affect one’s stay in this hotel.

The Sum of its Parts
At a glance, it’s a few little things. There’s the elevator, which during my stay was not working. I had to take the stairs, which wasn’t a pleasant experience either. Nevermind that climbing stairs with any form of luggage is never pleasant. The stairway seems to be one of the more neglected areas of the hotel, with damaged and stained tiles lining the floor. Definitely not one of the first sights you want to see in a place you’ll be living in for some time.

24 Hour City Hotel The shower is also a pain point. The drain isn’t working as it should, and the water accumulates on the floor for some time before it totally drains off. I know quite a few people who would be very bothered by this, too.

The hotel isn’t without its highlights, though. It’s got a nice restaurant in the same building, so decent food isn’t far away. It’s also very close to banks (a highlight for the businessmen who are the hotel’s prime targets). The building is located in one of Makati’s more relaxed and quiet neighborhoods, so one can get adequate rest in the clean and comfortable rooms. There’s also free WiFi in all rooms, which is a great plus considering the number of rooms that need to be serviced.

Just-Vin-RestaurantThe whole is always more than the sum of its parts, but in my experience 24H City Hotel missed the mark of being a really good budget hotel. The little pains really detracted from the pleasure of the stay. While most of the hotel’s guests may never have to see the stained stairways or a clogged drain, the fact that it existed during my visit points to an uneven experience lurking behind the scenes. These are points that are easy to improve, however, and if you don’t mind them anyway then you should still keep 24H City Hotel on your map when you visit Makati.

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