Have you ever had that nagging feeling that you just have to be somewhere else? It’s a persistent pull, like an unscratchable itch. It won’t stop unless you actually get to that place. They call it “wanderlust”. To me, it’s a lifestyle.

Welcome to my travels!

Acapulco BeachThere’s always a new place to see and there’s always new boundaries to discover. I am a seafarer by profession, so my life really revolves around traveling. I can be at different places at different times of the day. It can be a tiring job description, but it is extremely satisfying — especially for someone who loves travel as much as I do.

Yes, being a mariner is hard -we’re on-call 24/7. We have to endure very long periods away from families and loved ones. There’s the inherent danger of the job, too — the sea isn’t exactly a calm friend at all times.

But there’s a shining sliver of light in the life of the mariner, and that’s being able to visit some of the best tourist spots around the world! Ports are by nature commercial and tourist districts. That said, a mariner is in the perfect position to discover the inner workings of these places. And from these places, I take it upon myself to explore and to bring back stories from them!

Of course, travel isn’t always everything. I have a family, and balancing my life between family and work is quite a challenge in itself. But even while I find myself caught in between these two loves, I also manage to make time for myself. And that time is spent doing the one thing that satisfies me most — traveling.

I made this blog to share places my wandering feet have taken me. I hope that by sharing the beauty of the world as I see it, I can inspire more people to travel. You don’t have to be rich for your dream travel adventure.

This blog contains the logs of these visits, along with any other places I wander into. Unlike many others, I am not an extravagant traveler. I travel on a budget — I stay in budget hotels and I fly using promo airfare rates. I would rather get those legs moving and walk around for miles rather than ride a cab. It’s healthy both on the body and on the wallet! So, with my blog, I will also be sharing my honest-to-goodness reviews about the hotels and restaurants around these places, along with practical tips for tourists of all kinds. My goal here is to give you something of value when you set foot in these cities as well. You’ll also read overviews of these places in comparison with other tourist spots.

One of the great perks of being a ship crew is that we can see the world with an eagle’s eye. We can see just how culture gets transferred from one place to another through the old seafaring routes. It’s my pleasure to bring you these observations that people struck with wanderlust would find useful. So I’ll be seeing you around and I hope you enjoy what you see!