All’s Gold at the Golden Gate

No one ever thinks of San Francisco without at least thinking of the image of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Golden Gate BridgeThe Golden Gate Bridge is an iconic landmark that is so famous and it has been declared one of the Wonders of the Modern World! It’s the backdrop for an innumerable number of tourist pictures, and at one point even held the title of the longest and tallest suspension bridge in the world (at almost 1,300 meters long and almost 230 meters high).

What really makes the Golden Gate Bridge so special?

Completed in 1937, the Golden Gate Bridge served as the shortcut between San Francisco and Marin County (which was connected to the mainland). Before the bridge was completed, San Francisco was the largest US city whose only means of crossing to the mainland was a ferry. The completion of the Golden Gate was the start of San Francisco’s growth spurt, a rebirth if you will, and was the first step in catapulting it to the world stage where it is now so renowned.

Golden Gate Bridge

Cruise ship M/S Balmoral passing below the Golden Gate Bridge

But of course, aside from its symbolic and historical significance, the Golden Gate Bridge is just a beauty to behold. It is a work of art, a combination of form and function, and the brainchild of renowned engineers and architects of the time. Today, the Bridge attracts sightseers from all over because of its graceful beauty no matter the backdrop. Whether you’re viewing it from Alcatraz Island against the sunset, or whether you’re viewing it submerged in fog from Vista Point, the Bridge is sure to give an angle to wow you. Don’t miss the chance to cross the bridge, either on foot or on bike, and wonder at the work needed to achieve the neat lines and light appearance that is characteristic of this suspension bridge!

Whether you’re marveling at the art-deco design, appreciating the role it played in Frisco’s development, or simply wondering what’s all the fuss about the bridge, you should pay the Golden Gate a visit.

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