Fresh from the Oven: Andrew’s Pizza in Lanao del Norte

When people in Tubod, the capital town of Lanao del Norte, want to get some awesome pizza, where do they go? Sure, there are restaurants in the capital, but some simply prefer to seek out Andrew’s Pizza in Poblacion. Housed in one of the oldest buildings in the city (what was once the post office), Andrew’s serves some of the best pasta and pizza around. And true to the province’s fashion, the place serves hefty servings at affordable prices.

Andrew's PizzaThe place is famous enough that it got a mention in Cebu Pacific Air’s Smile Magazine, alongside its sister restaurant Brew Bros. Coffee (because why not pizza + coffee?). It’s also known for not just creating traditional flavors, but also putting a new twist on the old stuff. Their well-received Filipino-style pizzas and the “Pizzaghetti” are great examples.

Speaking of Filipino, Andrew’s also serves various Filipino dishes such as sisig and pancit. Pretty much every stuff on their menu have their own share of fans! There are also Mexican creations, such as quesadillas. The fries they serve are of the hand-cut variety, so you can indulge with less guilt. There’s also a variety of drinks served to compliment the pretty diverse menu items.

Andrew’s Pizza is also a great hangout for families and friends, with a homey and spacious interior, right down to the dark wooden furniture and the picture frames on the wall. Despite its popularity, it hasn’t turned into one of those huge, commercialized establishments. It’s a great sign, since the ambience is definitely part of the whole attraction.

This pizza place is a great example of how local businesses in Lanao del Norte capitalize not on hype or marketing, but on the quality of their offerings. Andrew’s popularity grew by word of mouth, which is always the best form of advertisement — it’s a template many other food places can copy from.

Andrew’s Pizza can be reached at the following contact numbers:

Landline: +63 63 3415203
Mobile: +63 905 6961524

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