Located in South-East Asia, Philippines has countless destinations waiting to be explored. With fusion of Spanish and Western influences in its culture and tradition, Philippines boasts of a sunny archipelago where there are more islands than words to describe its dazzling charms and natural wonders.

Philippines is the place where the sea shimmers in various shades of blue, where simple smiles replace language barrier and where there are more islands than words to describe its beauty. Located in South-East Asia, Philippines boasts of countless destinations awaiting to be explored. Party hard at night clubs and bars, experience dining like it’s a feast, have unlimited fun under the sun with the country’s white sand beaches.

The country is a land of the overt and the subtle, of bustling mega-cities and tranquil barrios, of rowdy festivals and quiet devotion. Its 7,107 islands (now actually 7641 due to the discovery of previously unknown islands) house an endless list of beaches, mountains, forests, and various attractions. It is a melting pot of several cultures, an Asian treasure with a global outlook.

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You are guaranteed this: once you set foot in the Philippines, it will be hard to leave. The country is not simply a tropical paradise, with its many beaches and vacation spots. It is also a cultural frontier with its many indigenous civilizations. Those seeking adventure will find their fill, set against the backdrop of both urban tourist areas and natural wonders. Nature trekkers will be impressed by the staggering biodiversity. Those looking to escape from the harried pace of modern living will also find a serene spot for contemplation and reflection.

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