Bohol, Philippines

Bohol is an island province of Visayas also known as a haven of natural beauty and is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations.

Bohol is located in the central Visayas area with one major island and around 75 surrounding minor islands. It has the neighboring provinces of Cebu to the west and Leyte  to the north-east. To its south is the Bohol Sea which opens up to Mindanao. Bohol’s capital city is Tagbilaran which is also the location of its very own airport.

Southwest of the capital Tagbilaran is Panglao Island, internationally renowned for its pristine diving spots. Its southern beaches are also home to spectacular beach resorts. The rest of Bohol’s coastline is also the site of several white sand retreats.

Bohol is also home to several breathtaking activities. Marvel at the vista of Chocolate Hills via an ultralight plane tour. For those more inclined, you can climb the beautifully-shaped landforms. The Loboc River cruise is also another prime activity.

For the nature-lover, Bohol is the home of the tarsier- one of the smallest primates in the world. Dolphin and whale watching are also popular attractions, especially from March to June. Bird-watchers can have their fill at the Rajah Sikatuna Protected Landscape, which has grasslands, forests, and natural springs.

For those who take pleasure in vintage architecture, the province also has several old stone churches worth visiting for their beauty. An example is the Baclayon Church, which was established in the late 1500s.

Food tripping is also a great way to enjoy the Bohol experience. There are several restaurants, cafes, eateries, and even plain old carinderias that offer the best of Bohol’s cuisine. Many of the locals still grow their own food, so everything is fresh and natural. Bohol is also famous for its honey, since there are significant bee farms in the area. Nightlife is also abundant, with clubs and bars at every major location.

Bohol is a gem that is largely undiscovered for many Filipinos. The scenery, the local life, the biodiversity, the pristine waters – these are all things that draw tourists from all over. Bohol is truly a paradise many are yet to experience. It does not have the excessive commercialization of other top tourists spots (like Boracay). However, it has all the charm of a new world waiting to be discovered. Visit Bohol and experience the magic!


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