Oslob, Cebu, Philippines

Metro Cebu may be the place to be if you’re in for some urban fun, but it’s not all this beautiful province has to offer. Around seventy miles from the capital, you’ll find a small jewel of a municipality that takes the cake for having one of the most unique attractions in the country.

Picture this: the world’s largest fish, the whale shark, swimming idly in the pure turquoise waters right before your eyes. Attracted by the local feeding boats, these aquatic giants pay no attention as you swim your way around them, marveling at their majesty.

This is an experience you will get nowhere else but in Oslob. After bobbing up from your underwater adventure, you can take in the scenery eating some of Cebu’s famous “SuTuKil” by the beach. You can also use this time to prepare for an even deeper expedition into the area’s clear waters, courtesy of Sumilon Island’s diving spot.

If fresh water is more your thing, prepare to stretch your legs a bit going to Tumalog Falls. This 300-foot tall waterfall is an enchanting reminder of the natural beauty we tend to take for granted.

History buffs can also have their field day at Oslob, which is considered one of the oldest municipalities in the country (established way back in 1690). The Municipal Heritage Park at Calle Aragones hosts some of the oldest buildings in the area, from a church made of corals to fortifications made to repel Moro raids.

Oslob is also the perfect jump-off point if you want to go to neighboring islands, including Bohol. Transportation (and pretty much everything you need) can be easily arranged with the friendly locals. While you should be prepared to rub elbows with a lot of fellow travelers, you’ll immediately see the rural charm of Oslob that has made it a bustling junction of tourism in the south.


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