Busan, South Korea

Known for its hot springs, beaches, spas and seafood dishes, Busan is South Korea’s second largest city. Compared to the glitterier Seoul, Busan is the perfect getaway if you are looking for a more relax atmosphere. With high-speed KTX train linking Busan to Seoul, the country’s capital, it is a lot easier and super fast to travel here and there and experience South Korea’s range of offerings.

Busan has a large seaport accommodating huge chunk of the world’s maritime commercial fleet. As a result, the city gains international knack in tourism industry. With growing number of tourists visiting Busan, the city is one of Asia’s most visited destinations.

With countless offerings for Busan visitors to enjoy, a day or two is not enough to partially explore this beautiful Korean city. From beautiful and interesting sights to see to exciting activities to experience, a trip to Bosun – either for business or for pleasure – will always be one remarkable travel adventure.

Flea market shopping is a must-do in Busan. The city has plentitude of night street markets where you can find and do almost anything and everything. For the art buffs, Amazon Flea Market is your go-to spot. Twice a month selected artists gather here and display their homade artworks. Other items available in Amazon Flea Market includes home made postcards, dolls and bags to name a few.

Everywhere around Busan is interesting. From cultural attractions and gastronomic offerings to entertainment and shopping, Busan is not to be overlooked. There is always something uniquely remarkable to discover and experience in the city.