Dubrovnik, Croatia

In the heart of the Mediterranean is a city that has been a melting pot of people and cultures since the ancient times. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it’s but right for this Wandering Mariner to pay a visit to one of the most influential sea ports this side of Europe! Meet Dubrovnik and its stunning city walls.

Stepping into Dubrovnik is like stepping into a medieval fantasy game. Its perfectly-protected harbor is like something custom-built for both commerce and war. Its forts look like they never aged. Its orange-roofed buildings make one feel like a knight, a merchant, a pilgrim, a wanderer seeking for answers in its ancient streets.

Lose yourself in the Old Town, where you can be one with the city’s regal history. There are palaces and towers, as well as a flag pole dedicated to the mythical knight Roland — as if you can’t get more medievally romantic. There are also fountains and extensive fortifications.

But not everything in Dubrovnik is old and historical. Some modern places, like the 5D Theatrum seem a bit anachronistic (though they still relate to history). There are also modern museums where you can learn more about the culture.

Those who are fans of the Game of Thrones series should visit their shooting grounds here (it’s King’s Landing!) and those looking for some adventure could do some cliff jumping or escape rooms. And then, there are three beaches for those who just wish to chill out!

Really, it’s a wonder how such a small city (in comparison) could hold so much excitement for a tourist. Its charm reaches far back into the past, but you have a choice of modern entertainment as well. And none of them seem to be out of place with each other.

Join me as I peel away the many wonderful layers of the legendary city that is Dubrovnik!


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