Copenhagen, Denmark

When people picture charming idyllic European life, they may be unconsciously thinking of an image of Copenhagen. Centuries-old streets near a windswept coast, where bronze statues watch over the waters. Locals chilling out in cafés in the afternoons, straddling the fine life between the high life and everyday living. Cutting-edge technology living side by side with the relics of history. Fresh air, fresh food, beautiful architecture, and an intimate yet modern atmosphere. Copenhagen is a city that has all these, and more.

Copenhagen is a city that consciously strives to be simple and elegant. You can see it here in the way the locals choose to bike instead of to ride, and in the way they choose their fashion. You’ll see it in most of the shops, where you will find items that are meant to delight in their understated beauty. There’s nothing too extravagant about the place, from the exhibits found in their National Museum to the famous Tivoli Amusement Park. Even Amalienborg, the Royal Residence, has a subdued air about it. The same goes for the National Theater, and the quietly mesmerizing King’s Garden. The famous Little Mermaid statue is big in name, but you might be surprised at how simple it is in person.

Make sure to check out the various districts of Copenhagen, each with their distinctive feel. There’s the palpable history of Indre By, the canals of Christianshavn, the upscale Frederiksberg, and the bustle of Amager. Also, don’t miss the legions of cafés and restaurants that dot the whole city! The Danish obviously love their dining. Food is served direct from local greenhouses, which isn’t a surprise as Copenhagen is one of the world’s greenest urban locales. From simple eateries to Michelin-starred restos, Copenhagen won’t let you go hungry.

Compact and accessible, getting around Copenhagen is a breeze. You won’t be the first to feel a pang of envy for many things you can see here, as in many respects the city is a model that you’d wish the rest of the world could follow. But while here, just enjoy everything you see. You’d surely have a lot of time to marvel and wonder later on.