Cannes, France

The French Riviera conjures dreams of both glamour and leisure. Nothing exemplifies this image better than the city of the rich and famous found along its banks, Cannes. Filled to the brim with luxury, Cannes may at first overwhelm the casual traveller. But fear not, for we will explore its golden streets together!

Join me as we take a stroll through the iconic Boulevard de la Croisette, from whose palm-lined walks we can feel the pulse of the city itself. This fabulous promenade also gives us a view of the sparkling sapphire waters of the bay of Cannes (and maybe a celebrity spotting or two!). And then there are the many top-notch hotels you could check out, straight from the pages of a millionaire’s book.

If you want something that shows a bit more of the city’s history, Le Suquet (Old Town) fits the bill perfectly. Located above the bay, the place provides the perfect fishing village ambience that reconnects you with the idyllic past. The Musée de la Castre is also worth a visit to see some treasures from times long gone.

Of course, you could get lost in any of the streets of Cannes and find something interesting. You might even find it surprising that beneath all the gilded appearances, the residents of the city live very close-knit lives. Head over to Rue Saint-Antoine to see what I mean — early evenings are just perfect for this atmosphere.

And in case the sun-kissed Cannes starts getting too much for you, there’s always the two secret islands — Île Sainte-Marguerite, and Île Saint-Honorat — that you can escape to! Don’t forget to drop by Fort Royal while you’re there. So step into the ferry and explore an all new side of the city! Just like any great tourist destination, Cannes provides unending delight whichever way you turn.


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