Dublin, Ireland

Historically, the greatest of civilizations sprang up around great rivers. As time passed, many more great cities benefited from the trade that these river ports afforded. One such city is Dublin. The Irish capital has the distinction of being among the thirty top cities in the world (Alpha Global City), cementing its reputation not just as a hub of modern technology but also a touchpoint of culture and history.

Aside from the must-see National Museum and Gallery, visiting the various castles, libraries, and cathedrals here would give you a much-needed dose of Dublin’s action-packed history. There’s also the War Memorial Gardens which is worth a visit for its stately-yet-somber stone structures and botanical bounty.

For those looking for a more lighthearted time, there’s always the quaint little village of Howth where you can eat sumptuous seafood fresh from the fishermen’s boats. Other seabound options such as the beautiful beach of Sandymount Strand are perfect for afternoon frolics, as the sun sets to reveal a stunning profile of the city. From here you could also look at the Poolbeg Chimneys and the Poolbeg Lighthouse, two of the city’s architectural landmarks.

Of course, what would a tour in Ireland be without a visit to its pubs? There’s the classic Gibney’s which is perfect for the evening hours. If you fancy a drink during daytime, level up and take the Guinness Storehouse tour instead! This takes you through the history of one of the greatest beer brands of all time, and gives you some everyday beer knowledge with which to impress your friends. No takeaway like that, eh?

But Dublin was born because of its proximity to the waters, and it’s a shame to visit the city without passing through Dalkey Harbor and Dublin Port, too! These spots let you appreciate the majesty of the Fair City from its outskirts, giving one a different perspective of this once-kingdom that has molded itself to the times.


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