Kotor, Montenegro

Montenegro is well-known for its majestic mountains and magnificent waters, and nothing distills the beauty of the country more than its capital.Kotor, just like Dubrovnik, is an important Mediterranean port surrounded by fortifications and filled with orange-topped structures. And yet, it is nestled in one of the finest stretches of nature found anywhere in this side of the world.

Of course, it’s impossible to be here without taking in the breathtaking beauty of the Bay of Kotor. Here, you can glimpse Our Lady of the Rocks and Sveti, two islands floating amidst the sapphire waters. Kotor also has its own Old Town, for those who wish to know more about the famed culture of the city.

St. John Fortress is also a famous spot, and is worth a look-see in itself. But instead of idling around, stretch your legs and go for a hike up the serpentines to the top of the fort. Once you reach it (280 meters above seal level — no mean feat!) you will be rewarded with an unequalled view of the Bay, along with that of the whole Old Town. You’d be forgiven for thinking you will never want to leave, from here.

And of course, there are various tours to the mountains surrounding the city. Take time to go to the natural parks around, surrounding yourselves with the lush greens of Kotor’s mild weather. If mountains aren’t your thing, there are also beaches around. They tend to be stony rather than sandy, though, but they merit at least a stroll for their dark blue horizons and stunning sunsets.

If you’re thinking of a European getaway that merges culture and history with a whole lot of nature, then Kotor is a great spot. It’s a plus that you can visit the Montenegrin capital almost any time of the year!


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