Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is proof that the past, present, and future need not be different from each other. The city’s canals have been winding for ages, it’s antique buildings have been watching over its narrow winding roads for centuries. And yet within those buildings, walking down those streets, and sailing peacefully over those canals, the population of Amsterdam is bustling with creative life. It’s the type of creativity that lies on the cutting edge of many aspects of the city’s life.

From a tourist standpoint, Amsterdam is a very “easy” city. Being the capital of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is a city of history. Its museums are laden with artifacts from an interesting past. Every nook and cranny has something interesting for a newcomer, and Amsterdam has taken measures to ensure you get to see them as soon as you arrive. Tourist City Cards are available, allowing you to gain access to discounts and freebies (the latter including free public transport and free entrance to many attractions!).

Don’t miss the city’s more iconic spots, such as the vibrant De Pijp neighborhood and the bustling Albert Cuypmarkt, the largest street market in the country. For something with a bit more of a punch, visit the Anne Frank house where the famous diarist hid during World War II. When you find yourself walking the streets at night, head over to the Leidseplein, the city’s most popular square and nightlife hub. Then go on a food/pub crawl around it!

If you’re an admirer of fine art, the Van Gogh museum is just a short walk away from the Rembrandts and Vermeers of the Rijksmmuseum and the Museum het Rembrandthuis. If you want something even grander, the Hermitage Amsterdam (a “branch” of Russia’s Hermitage Museum) is home to massive exhibits.

Or, of course, you can just sit back and relax as you stroll through the streets or sit on a canal boat. Any which way you enjoy Amsterdam, it’s sure to stay with you for a long time.


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