Saint Petersburg , Russia

St. Petersburg: The Monument of an Empire

We’ve all heard lots of things about Russia, but when I think of it there’s just one image I see in my mind — the sheer grandeur and stirring spirit of its imperial capital, St. Petersburg!

This year the great city took the spotlight as the host of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. But it’s been stealing the spotlight since historical times for its revolutionary culture and its great treasures. You can stay here for months as a tourist, and literally not run out of new things to explore. So take to the streets and the waterways, and get your camera ready.

Of course, one of the landmarks of the city is the immense Winter Palace, the repository of one of the world’s greatest collections of art pieces. You can’t have gone to St. Petersburg without bathing in its endless luxury. On the other hand, there’s Yelagin Island which is a more private retreat that features the beauty of nature interspersed with some of the most elegant and avant-garde pieces you will ever see.

If you’re a patron of music, you can also check out the internationally-renowned Mariinsky Theater, which is a monument to the impeccable, clockwork-like discipline surrounding the classic ballet, opera, and similar theatrical arts. Another fountain of arts in St. Petersburg happen to be the various churches, from St. Isaac’s Cathedral to the Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood. Aside from being historical monuments, these are also paragons of architecture that’s a must for everyone to see.

And don’t miss The Peter & Paul Fortress, the core of the city and where it all began. Standing for over 300 years, this offers a raw insight into the remarkable pulse that is St. Petersburg. These sights are but a small section of the city, so stick with me as we delve into its mighty embrace!


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