Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Life’s A Beach in Puerto Vallarta

When you’re travelling the world, seeing a beach resort city is nothing new. But for the most part, you’ll realize most are just that — cities centered around the sun and sand, with little to offer after. There are an exceptional few cities in the world that offer a depth of both aesthetics and culture, of sights beyond the surf. Mexico’s Puerto Vallarta is among those cities.

Yes, there are the pretty coastlines from the touristy (the Playa Los Muertos and Playa Olas Altas) to the secluded (Playas Conchas Chinas). But it also has cultural landmarks such as the sculptures at the Malecón and the collections at the Cuale Archaeological Museum. The local life is on bold display at the Mercado Municipal and the Mercado Isle. Even the architecture is something to see — you don’t have to watch anything inside to appreciate La Belle Époque style of the Saucedo Theatre Building.

Puerto Vallarta has a lot to keep your eyes and mind busy!


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