Boston – strong and proud, and it carries with it an air of history that changed the world. A hot seat of the American Revolution, a city whose immigrant, black, and women population has played an indelible role in steering the course of events, Boston’s various sights and attractions speak with an undeniable energy.

Take a hike along the Freedom Trail, which takes you through the many places Boston offered up to play a role in the genesis of America. These include the Boston Common and the King’s Chapel Burying Ground, old bookstores and meeting houses, and the home of American hero Paul Revere.

If tranquil walks are more your style, you should also take a stroll through the impeccable galleries of the city’s museums. Check out the irreplaceable treasures in the Museum of Fine Arts, which includes one of the world’s most important displays of Asian art and Egyptian artifacts. There is also the Boston Athenaeum, which is the oldest independent library in the country.

Boston is also the location of several shopping and dining treasures, and you can’t leave the city without a taste of the ethnic cuisine! Don’t miss the delicious treats from the food trucks, along with the offerings at the Faneuil Hall Marketplace. If upscale shopping is more your style, you could check out Newbury Street and Copley place for the best finds. For fresh options, the city also maintains around 30 farmer’s markets with the best harvest around!

The city also has a lot of venues for leisure, including the world-class Shubert Theater among half a dozen others. Of course, the Boston Marathon is among the must-see events for those inclined to sports.

Boston is a city with unlimited facets, each one as interesting as the next. So grab a Mass Value pass and plan your itinerary with me as your guide!


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