Say the words “Cape Canaveral”, and you’re sure to pique any space nerd’s interest. Home to the launch pad that led the world to the space era, Cape Canaveral is most famous for its magnificent Kennedy Space Center. On top of that, however, the city is home to lots of other tourist attractions that would make it a worthy visit.

Located in the coastline of Florida, Cape Canaveral is also home to beautiful beaches. Check out, for example, the lush landscape of Jetty Park. Stroll through over four acres of nature and immerse yourself in various activities from picnics to fishing. For an even better view of the ocean, there’s also the Cape Canaveral lighthouse, a brick-and-iron structure that rises more than 150 feet into the sky.

Speaking of tall structures, Cape Canaveral is also home to the Exploration Tower, a mix between a museum and a tourist center. Go here if you want to know more about the region’s bountiful nature, and if you want to get amazing views of the city. It’s also the perfect place to watch a rocket launch from the neighboring space center, if you can’t score front row tickets to the event!

For those who would like to get closer to nature, there’s the Brevard Zoo and the Manatee Sanctuary Park. The latter offers not only sightings of this gentle sea mammal, but also a great fitness trail!

If ever you get tired of walking around, Cape Canaveral has some cool ways to carry you about. You can take the Limo Cycle tours around the entertainment district, and you can take some boat tours off the coast. You can even go deep sea fishing through the Orlando Princess and Canaveral Princess, twin fishing ships! If you’d rather stay land-bound, there are Segway tours to let you zoom around effortlessly.

Cape Canaveral offers a lot of activities both for the laid back and the adventurous. Just about the only thing missing is a chance to ride one of Kennedy’s rockets to space, but even that may change sometime in the future!


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