What can you expect from a place that shamelessly announces itself as “America’s Finest City”?

Maybe you’d expect some state of the art facilities, some kind of near-perfect social order. Or maybe you’d think of nature at it’s best, unspoiled and unfettered by man’s constraints. Really, the word “finest” conjures up all sorts of images. The cool thing is that San Diego, America’s eighth-largest city and the self-proclaimed “finest”, lives up to these expectations in its own way.

But whatever you’re looking for with the word, it’s probably gonna fly out the window when you’ve taken a few steps around San Diego. Instead, you will be taken with the city’s attitude above all else. It’s hard to think of another place like this — a bustling metropolis with such a laid-back attitude, you’d think everything just comes effortlessly to it! It’s the exact anti-thesis of New York’s hustle and bustle.

Once this settles in, your first instinct would probably be to wander about aimlessly, just checking out the colorful neighborhoods. As you gain your sense of direction, though, don’t miss some of the awesome sights here. Pacific Beach, in Central San Diego, is probably one of the most famous beaches in the whole West Coast and it’s worth staying here if only just for a few minutes to people-watch. If you prefer watching animals to humans, head over to San Diego Zoo, with its collection of more than 600 species.

There are also other standard tourist attractions, such as various museums (including a surfing museum, because San Diego = tanning on a surfboard), a library, and the naturally-carved caves off La Jolla Cove. Children will have a blast at Legoland, and nature-lovers will enjoy the various hikes that the landscape offers.

San Diego is a massive city in California, USA that’s on a never-ending vacation. It’s not a slack, it’s just breezy fine — and it’s totally killing it!


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