Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Ravishing Rio de Janeiro

One would think what qualifications a city should have to earn the nickname “Cidade Maravilhosa” — the Marvelous City. A lush, beautiful landscape? A thriving culture? Vibrant colors and sounds filling the air? Friendly and smiling locals? Endless experiences? Maybe all of them. And Rio de Janeiro, the one to earn this nickname, has all of these and more!

Rio de Janeiro is a metropolis set against the backdrop of a beautiful South Atlantic coastal setting. It is both modern and primeval, busy and laid back. Tourists flock here for many reasons, not the least of which are its many attractions.

Many people would have already heard of Ipanema and Copacabana, two of the most famous beaches in Brazil. But there are tens of other options, too. If you’re going for some peace and quiet, for example, you may want to seek out the relative solitude of Prainha Beach. If it’s the company of locals you want, then the Barra da Tijuca beach is a great alternative!

If you’re growing weary of the sand and sun, you may want to explore the other side of Rio de Janeiro’s nature, courtesy of Tijuca National Park. This is one of the largest urban forests in the world, complete with the city’s highest peak — Pico da Tijuca. For a more curated experience, you can also check out the Jardim Botânico near Lagoa. And don’t miss a ride to the top of the 400-meter high Sugarloaf Mountain!

Also, don’t miss the beauty of the city in itself. The new meets the old through landmarks like the Maracana Stadium and the Parque Lage. Great pieces of architecture and engineering are seen through the Theatro Municipal and the Lapa Arches. Of course, don’t miss a visit to one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the whole of South America: the Lagoa Neighborhood.

Rio de Janeiro is a ravishing dream — let me take you through it!


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