Hopping Into Hop Inn Hotel Manila

Budget lodgings are all the rage nowadays, with tourism being more and more of a hit every year. But the norm for budget lodgings can be a little disappointing — sure, you (often) get the bare necessities, but mostly that’s it. If you want some additional features, it’s either a premium on your bill or a few more hours browsing the Web looking for a vacancy in a better room. This is why the real innovations in the hotel industry come from those who beat people’s expectations and provide more bang for the buck than ever before.

And this is the strong point of Hop Inn Hotel, a chain of prime budget lodgings with multiple branches in the Philippines and Thailand. Unlike other hotel chains where you don’t really know what to expect from one location to the next, Hop Inn Hotel takes pride in its standardized facilities and services across all its branches. And by standardized, we mean clean, consistent, and value-for-money!

A Roomful of Comfort
Let’s start with the most important part of any hotel stay: your room. Aside from having rooms that are measurably bigger than its competitors in the same price range, Hop Inn Hotel throws in all the bells and whistles you’ve come to expect. Of course you get air conditioning and cable TV, and then you also get power showers (yes, for a budget price you can actually have a hot bath) and free WiFi. There’s a nice-to-have hair dryer, and then there’s the must-have key card access for your security!

This is where the bang for the buck starts, by bringing in things that we only see in higher tiers. This makes their rooms a better fit for all types of travelers, whether you’re the casual tourist or the businessman. There’s a clean, soft bed for relaxation, and a workstation for when you have to bust out the laptop. There are also views out to the city, so you don’t feel like you’re too cooped up during those extended stays.

All the Extras
Also, how many budget hotels do you know that provide a parking space for their patrons? And even if you don’t have a car, the hotel stands within walking distance of tourist areas and other important places. In case you need anything, there’s a convenience store downstairs that will serve your basic needs.

Of course, a hotel of this kind cannot stand without outstanding service. There’s a 24-hour front desk to attend to all your concerns, and there’s also a very competent housekeeping corps that ensures everything is spic-and-span. For the differently abled, there are elevators and other facilities to help them.

Everything is conducted with a smile, and a level of professionalism that makes Hop Inn Hotel a very smooth-sailing ship. That’s more than one can say for many hotels in this price range. Because when you’re traveling, you really would want everything to go out of your way in order to have a very relaxing experience. And Hop Inn Hotel ticks all the boxes in this regard!

Hop Inn Hotel Manila address

1850 M.H Del Pilar St.
Malate, Manila 1004

Tel:+63 2 528 3988 Fax:+63 2 528 3999

Email: reservation.ermita@hopinnhotel.com

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