Horizons Resort and SplashAway Waterpark, a Fun on the Horizon

Horizons Resort and SplashAway Waterpark, in Baroy, is one of the go-to locations for summer outings in this side of Lanao del Norte. Its ideal location and facilities ticks all the major boxes for a good time with your family.

Horizons Resort and SplashAway WaterparkIt’s always summer in the Philippines (in my point of view), so expect all pools are always filled to the brim with families looking for some cool all year round. For many, it’s the time to travel far away from home in search of less-scorching pastures. But really, why leave the comfort of the city when you can have fun and bonding moments without leaving home?

Right at home
One of the primary draws of Horizons Resort is its close proximity to the town. It is located just along the highway of Baroy in Lanao del Norte. So if you’re thinking of having a summer break, you don’t have to spend much time planning! Just grab your gear and go — the beginning of a stress-free outing.

Once you arrive, Horizons Resort has everything taken care of for you. The guard on duty mans the gate 24/7, to ensure the safety of the visitors. At night, the whole place is well-lit and remains well-staffed. To those who don’t really know how to swim, there’s a well-trained lifeguard on watch. There are also friendly staff on standby to take care of all your needs. They run a very smooth ship at Horizons, and while the facilities won’t exactly rival those of a five-star hotel, the level of service is at par.

Horizons Resort and SplashAway WaterparkAs mentioned, Horizons Resort puts safety of its visitors first and that goes down to the little things. There are well-placed signs to ensure everyone is acquainted with the resort rules and the do’s and don’ts. The facilities and surroundings are kept very clean, proven by their routine quality control measures. Even the pool water’s chlorine and pH levels are closely monitored! Everything just goes out of your way from the moment you enter to the moment you leave. This is a great feat for a place that is ready to serve visitors ‘round the clock.

Horizons Resort Amenities

Horizons Resort Accommodations

Horizons Resort also has everything covered when it comes to the facilities you need. The resort opened in 2014, so everything is still fairly new. The architecture is modern and tasteful, making you feel like you’re in a much more expensive place!

Let’s start off with the rooms. For groups of friends or families, there’s the air conditioned cabin which can comfortably house up to 12 people. These are equipped with double-decker beds. For couples, and others looking for a more private lodging, there’s the luxe room that’s also air conditioned, and good enough to rival higher-priced hotel rooms! There’s a mini-fridge, a flat-screen TV, a cabinet for your luggage, and a queen-sized bed.

For those who are a bit strapped for budget, there’s also the standard room good for two. All rooms are spacious and clean, perfect even if you’re visiting with some luggage. The concept for all rooms is decidedly minimalist, with nothing but the essentials so nothing gets in your way. There are towels and blankets available with the accommodation, too, and the staff has your back for any other needs.

Horizons Resort Function Hall

For those who wish to hold events — anything from team building games to wedding receptions — there’s the function hall which provides an al fresco atmosphere and opens out to the pool. It can comfortably sit around 100 people. And yes, there’s also a modern chapel within the premises for those sacred vows!

Horizons Resort Conference Room

There’s also a conference room for more formal functions, fully equipped with presentation equipment. In fact, the resort is a favorite location for various activities, from swim clinics to company outings! And yes, there is free WiFi throughout the resort so you can easily upload your pictures to social media. And the fact that you’ll take lots of pictures is guaranteed, as the place is very Instagrammable!

Videoke Room

Another fully-equipped area is the videoke room, where you can sing your hearts out without disturbing any of the other resort-goers. The songs list is updated, and it’s not the tinny-sounding blaring of music that will greet you when you step in. In fact, it’s a fully-equipped lounge-type air-conditioned room with a sofa and surround-sound speakers! For the sporty type, there’s also a pool table by the pool, for a little competitive edge.


And if singing and pocketing 9’s isn’t your speed and you want to simply hang out and enjoy the afternoon summer breeze, there are always the cabanas where you can laze around in one of the many recliners.


You can also go for a meal in the restaurant, or you can bring your own food without paying for any corkage! There are also drinks at the bar, where you can sit down for a chat with the other visitors.

Horizons Resort Swimming Pool

Horizons Resort and SplashAway WaterparkBut of course, no one really goes to the resort for the rooms and the cabin. The pool is always the main attraction! There are pools for kids and adults, complete with slides for the thrill. There are also other play structures for the children to have fun in. Swimming is allowed until 12 midnight, so fans of the night swim will also be able to get their fill. On top of the cool water and the great company, it’s easy to get lost in the peaceful ambience and pretty views of Horizons. These are the things that would make you want to come back again and again.

Horizons Resort and SplashAway Waterpark lives up to its name of being a “Hidden Jewel of Lanao del Norte”. To really get the most out of your stay, it is recommended you visit during weekdays and weeknights, especially during off-peak seasons. Bring along your friends, and it’s like you own the resort!

So what are you waiting for?

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