Hotel H2O Manila: Diving into Grandeur

Back in the 80s and 90s, when sci-fi and the speculation of what the future would look like was a fad, there were ideas that humanity would soon grow to dwell on the forest floor.

Hotel H2O Manila. Welcome to the watery embrace!

While living like Aquaman isn’t everyone’s dream, it would sure pique the attention of the curious. Today, that idea has mostly been shelved. But for those who are still wondering what it would feel like to live in a (much more elegant) waterworld — or really, just for anyone who wants a nice and unique staycation in the metro — then we have an alternative.

Water Everywhere!

Hotel H2OThe hotel’s central location, just a few paces away from Quirino Grandstand, makes it extremely accessible. The hotel is nestled against the Manila Ocean Park, which in itself teeters by the side of picturesque Manila Bay. Just from this alone you would see that the hotel’s name is no joke — you would really have to love the “H2O” part!

The hotel takes full advantage of the sweeping oceanic panorama through wide floor-to-ceiling windows. It’s a romantic sight, almost making you forget that you’re facing the Pacific, the world’s widest watery expanse. Just as the water flows, the main parts of the hotel are dressed up in flowing curves and circles, in a very modern design. In fact, take all the water away and you would have thought you stepped into some space-themed building!

Hotel H2OEven when tucked snugly in bed, you cannot escape the H2O. The Aqua Room is one of the most sought-after rooms in the hotel, where an aquarium fill up half the wall! Yes, there are actually little fish swimming to and fro. It’s not the neighboring oceanarium, but it is very interesting to say the least. This tier of rooms range from 25 to 35 sqm, which means its wall can house a lot of fish. And yes, there are more than 30 species of fish in this continuous aquarium!

There’s also the Club Jellies Room, where you can enjoy the sight of glowing pink jellyfish while immersed in your bathtub! Okay, they don’t actually glow, but there’s a color-changing light inside the tanks. And it makes for a pretty sight that you literally can’t find in other hotels.

If you don’t like walls of water, you can always go al fresco with the Bayview Room which opens out to the ocean much like your own beachside property. The spacious room and wide windows let a lot of natural light in, inspiring a beautifully restful atmosphere.

There’s a total of 8 different room types in Hotel H2O, ranging from the Park View Room (perfect if you just want a stay, and aren’t too keen on the water part), all the way up to the Executive Suite. The latter is 70 sqm and truly amazing! Rich wood, marble, two 40-inch TVs, and a lot more — it’s the ultimate pampering treat.

Not Just Gimmicks

But of course, you won’t be staying at the Hotel H2O just for fish or bay views. True to its first impressions, the hotel delivers on the amenities side. You get all the essentials such as a 37-inch flat screen cable TV, a safe, a mini bar, high-speed free WiFi, stuff for making a cup of coffee or tea, and more! Some bathrooms even have a jacuzzi.

Hotel H2OCleanliness is also top-notch, with fresh sheets and a cozy comforter. The pillows are a delight to sleep in! If you’re the laptop-type of person who has to work on a staycation, there’s a spacious desk for all your needs. Your luggage would stay organized in the rack, and you have an instant line to the front desk via the phone. The welcome kit also includes complimentary bottled water and snacks, in case navigating through the Manila traffic to get here left you in need of a little recharge!

Of course, the package extends out to the bath area. Everything is bright and clean. There’s even a bidet, and the shower has both hot and cold streams. The traditional toiletries are also here, such a shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion, gel, and dental care kits. Of course, anything you need can be asked for through the attentive and smiling staff, who run a smooth-sailing ship in the hotel.

All You Need

Hotel H2O

Makan Makan Restaurant

Outside, the amenities don’t let up. The hotel, like its peers, has its own restaurant that serves Asian food. A stay includes a complimentary breakfast, buffet-style at Makan Makan. The resto is found at the Ocean Park premises (second floor), and is open to both Park and Hotel guests. Aside from the interesting variety of meals served, the resto is also laid out creatively in the style of stalls that hawk food in many Asian districts.

Hotel H2OFor the spa lovers, the Zenyu Eco Spa is the hotel’s answer. Enjoy a hot bed treatment, which takes place in a Japanese-designed therapy room. It’s half an hour of heaven, and when you’re done it’s impossible not to feel refreshed and reinvigorated!

Oh, and if you’re looking for some sweet treats, just at the hotel lobby is the Green Bean Coffee Shop. There are frappes and blends galore, and some of their concoctions would beat those of big-name brands hands down!

Hotel H2OJust about the only weird thing in the hotel is its choice of swimming pool location. There’s a huge outdoor pool that is located not far away from the stadiums used for the sea lion and bird shows of the neighboring Ocean Park. While it’s not a problem for many, some may not like the feeling of jumping into the pool in the middle of a show and thinking just how many of those watching eyes are directed at you instead.

Hotel H2ONevertheless, a stay at Hotel H2O is patently priceless. You can’t beat their level of amenities and their unique setting. Just how many other hotels do you know have such an ideal location — and take perfect advantage of it? If there are any, they’re not here in the Philippines. So do yourself a favor and take a few nights off here. You completely deserve it!

Hotel H2O

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