Bohol is a paradise not only for the eyes. It is not just meant for people with a love for exciting activities. It is also a haven for foodies of all forms.

Of course, there’s the basic tourist take-homes, especially the famous peanut kisses. These are Chocolate Hills-shaped treats that have a melt-in-your-mouth quality. Not too sweet and with just the right flavor, these are must-bring items when you’re on your way home.

If you are the type of person who loves fresh food, Bohol has a very unique offering. Head over to Manga Markets, a few kilometers from the center of the capital Tagbilaran. This is located on the road to Cortes. If you time your visit right (usually after 4PM), you will see all the fresh catch laid out among the aisles. These are straight from fishermen’s boats — crabs, lapu-lapu, squid, and lots more.

The market also has a lot of fresh vegetables. You can buy them at affordable prices! They would taste perfect when cooked just right. What’s that? You don’t cook? Well that’s no problem — across the market is the Lic Lic Restaurant. It specializes in preparing delicious cuisine from the fresh catch you just bought. Simply head down to the kitchen and talk to the chefs. Keep in mind that you can ask them to prepare the food just as you want. That means virtually unlimited choices! If you’re not a cooking aficionado, you can rely on them to cook the food in a trademark Boholano way. How’s that for a five-star experience?

If you do not want to go the extra trouble of buying your own food, you can check out any of the several top-quality restaurants in the province. Aioli Tagbilaran, located in the 717 Cesar Place Hotel, is famous for its tasty Filipino cuisine, classy decor, and unparalleled service of its staff. Most of the people here have been drafted from Eskaya Resort — one of the most exclusive resorts in the region. It’s good food and customer service at its finest.

If you made your way to Alona Beach, make sure to try Guiseppe’s Restaurant. This is one place remarkable for its menu, which is authentic Italian. Their famous lamb shanks (in large servings!) and pizza will make you want to come back.

If you want some luxury to accompany your dining experience, look no further than Peacock Gardens. Their menu is mainly Swiss and German, and the place is distinctly European. The imposing gates are just heralds of an evening filled with good food and fine wine. The resort-style restaurant (yes, there is such a thing) in Upper Laya Baclayon is always worth a visit.

There are around as many restaurants in Bohol as there are places for accommodation. This number does not even count the number of carinderias and small shops serving delectable local food stuff. And who can be blamed? Filipinos are natural foodies. If there’s one thing you’ll never be in the whole of your Bohol visit, it’s hungry.