What about actually paying Bohol a visit? It’s easier than you think. Bohol is much more rewarding a place than any book says.

Getting to Bohol from Manila is easy. All budget airlines have regular flights from Manila to Tagbilaran. These include Philippine Airlines, Air Asia and Cebu Pacific. The average travel time from Manila to Bohol is only about an hour and 20 minutes. Hop on a plane and make your way here – it’s a new adventure from the moment you land!

The island is separated from the province of Cebu by a narrow strait, so travel between the two tourist destinations is a breeze. So, if you are already in Visayas and want to hop over from neighboring Cebu, you can get there via fast crafts and ferries plying the narrow strait between the two islands.

There are also alternative routes to Bohol for those wanting to take their own vehicle. A car ferry sails from Manila and lands in Cebu. From there, you can transfer to another ferry to land at Tagbilaran. The entire travel time takes about an entire day, so do this only if you have a lot of time to kill (or if you really need to have your own car on the ground).

Once you’re on the ground, you have a slew of transportation options. Rental cars, buses and taxi cars will help you find your way around. The entire island can be accessible via busses and taxis. Many of the province’s towns have bus terminals that allow you to get to neighboring areas with ease. Taxis are also abundant though many of them negotiate the fares beforehand. You can also rent cars so you could take your own route.

Since Bohol is a small island, tourists can go around via motorbike. You can cruise through the coastal roads and view the sparkling blue seas. The roads in this part are in good condition, better than the average Asian standard. The interior areas are also particularly scenic. One can get an overview of the island’s beauty just by taking this route.