What’s the use of visiting a new town unless you can take home a load of goodies? In Bohol, you can shop till you drop. In fact, there is about as much shopping to do here as any other activity! If you have tried all the other sights, make sure to save some stamina for the following shopping havens.

Jubelle’s Souvenir Shop. If you made your way to Alona Beach in Panglao, look for this nifty shop that sells all the souvenirs you can possibly need. From painted refrigerator magnets to pearls, Jubelle’s has an eye-catching variety. Unlike souvenir shops from other parts of the country, this one does not charge extravagantly for its wares. You can get Bohol keychains at a 4-for-100 price, and cellphone holders come at 5 for 100. The ever-present T-shirts sell for around Php 280 to Php 350 each.

Aproniana Gift Shop. Proudly being the largest souvenir shop in Bohol, this will probably be the one you’ll find if you ask directions for any “gift shop”. It has every kind of souvenir, from bags, to shirts, to delicacies (peanut kisses, kalamay, peanut fingers and “hillcolates”). The prices may not be as affordable as can be, but it sure beats having to scour all the other stores just to find what you’re looking for. It’s a real one-stop shop.

Alturas. This is a Tagbilaran supermarket (“mall”) that also sells different souvenirs from Bohol. The prices are affordable, and you can also stock up on groceries and other stuff in the same breath. And of course, as a mall, it has cinemas — the only digital cinema in the whole province.

Island City Mall. Like Alturas, Island City Mall has shelves especially dedicated to souvenir items. Some of the stuff are more affordable here than anywhere else, so make sure to check this out if you’re in Tagbilaran.

Loboc River shops. If you took the Loboc River cruise (or if you just decided to walk by here), you will find a lot of souvenir shops around. These are little shops that sell basic souvenir stuff, such as shirts and key chains. You can also find similar shops around the Hinagdanan Cave (shirts are very affordable here) and the Tarsier Sanctuary.

Bohol Bee Farm. If you want something totally extraordinary, hop over to the Bohol Bee Farm and bring home some of their famous handicrafts and foodstuff. They make a mean ice cream made from all-natural flavors. The cones are also home-made from cassava! You can’t take the ice cream home without melting, but you can grab some of their local jams, sauces, pesto, and sweets.

Of course, there are countless other ways to get souvenirs here in Bohol. When out on the sea in Balicasag Island, for example, souvenir vendors will even row and board your boat! The markup price is surprisingly small, too. You can literally find souvenir items for sale by walking around anywhere in the province. Just make sure to bring along an extra bag when you go here as you’re sure to end up packing a lot of goodies on the way home.