If you want a magical place to satisfy all your wanderlust, Bohol is the perfect place to go. The sheer number of places you can visit and activities you can do there will leave you breathless. And once you’ve tried them all, you’ll keep coming back for more. Here are just some of the best places to see around the central Visayan wonderland – Bohol.

The Chocolate Hills

Who said lots of chocolate is bad for you? The rest of the world have nothing like these hills. More than 1,200 mounds of chocolate brown earth rise from 30 to 120 meters high. The complex is a National Heritage Shrine, spread for about 50 kilometers.

Sagbayan Peak

Want to see the hills from a bird’s eye view? At Sagbayan Peak’s viewing platform, you get that plus the sparkling blue seas beyond. This resort stands above the town of Sagbayan. Climbing the steps is sure to make you hungry, but you can always drop by their restaurant.

Tarsier Sanctuary

The tour through the sanctuary takes less than half an hour, but the experience is priceless. See the cute animals in their natural habitat, and take home some souvenirs.

Mahogany Forest

Once you’re in, it’s hard to believe that this place is actually man-made. The artificial forest is the first and only in the Philippines. It’s a two-square kilometer patch of mahogany trees planted in close proximity.

Loboc River

Have fun in the spectacularly clean waters of Loboc river, and enjoy a fine meal at a floating restaurant mid-river. There is also the hanging bridge made of bamboo in the river’s upper part. This is the perfect treat for thrill-seekers — many consider it to be one of the scariest hanging bridges in the world.


Ancient churches still remain standing in Bohol, even after the 2013 mega earthquake that destroyed many of them. You can still see parts of history through the Albuquerque, Loboc and Baclayon churches.

Blood Compact Shrine

The Visayas region was the epicenter of early Spanish colonization. Located in Tagbilaran, the shrine is a tribute to the first friendship treaty between Spain and the Philippines. Here, in 1565, colonist Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and the local Datu Sikatuna forged a bond of friendship.

The beaches

Bohol has several major beaches. Doljo beach is perfect for an afternoon of snorkeling. Dumaluan beach is recommended for those looking for some quiet time. Panglao Island is also famous for its perfect dive spots. For those seeking some lighthearted fun in the sands, Alona beach is the perfect getaway.

Ultralight flights

Because of the country’s tropical weather, one can fly all-year round. Take an ultralight plane around the most famous sights in Bohol, and experience an all-new thrill. The best flying season is from October to May.

Food tripping

You don’t always have to go hopping around tourist spots just to see the magic of Bohol. Take a detour at a carinderia near your accommodation, and check out the flavorful local cuisine. Sinanglay, brua, calamay, peanut kisses – be sure to take some home!

Bohol is undermined by the more famous attractions such as Palawan and Boracay, but it can stand up against any competition. And you can check this out for yourself!