Trekking to Bohol does not mean you have to leave the comfortable city life behind. There are several lovely bed-and-breakfast inns, as well as a slew of top-notch hotels. These accommodations aren’t meant to dig into your wallet too much either. Whatever your budget is, you can find a nice place to stay in the island.

Accommodation is always the pain point for most travellers. With lots of budget travel packages, a good place to stay is sometimes the most expensive part of a trip. Most famous places have tourist trap hotels, with lodgings and services with an outrageous price.

This is not the case with Bohol. With a wide array of accommodations for a reasonable price, Bohol would make you want to stay for more. Almost all of the havens in the province are also located near the shoreline, giving you a wonderful view wherever you stay. Check Bohol hotels here.