Cebu City, Philippines

Cebu is a wonderful place for the eyes, the mind and the stomach. From its sundry of street food booths and hawker-type food courts to upscale fine dining stops, Cebu offers a lot more options where you can dine to your heart’s content. Everywhere you go around Cebu, you will always find array of finger licking food that will definitely charm your gastronomic cravings.

Topping Cebu’s most popular gastronomic treats is the mouth-watering roasted pig suckling or lechon. Indeed, Cebuanos have mastered its culinary pride in making the best and tasty lechon and that sets the lechon from Cebu notch above from the lechon elsewhere around the country.

Popular in every occasion as well as in every Filipino family gathering, Cebu’s distinctive flavorful lechon brings gastronomic satisfaction not only to locals but also to foreign tourists and Filipinos from anywhere around the country. Visiting Cebu? Make sure not to miss the opportunity to taste Cebu’s succulent and crunchy-to-the- last-bite lechon recipe.

Here is a list of the best spots to go to in Cebu when your lust for that sinfully indulging taste of Cebu lechon starts craving in. Listed not in particular order, so just go, take your pick and dine like royalty.

1. Carcar Public Market

In Cebu, it’s typical to find restaurants serving lechon and stalls inside shopping malls selling this all-time favorite cuisine. For tourists visiting Cebu, this is the easiest access to taste and enjoy the mouth-watering lechon.

Actually, it’s very easy to find this tasty Cebu gastronomic treat – it is everywhere in the city and anywhere around Cebu island – it’s every restaurants’ best-seller. Inside Carcar Public Market in the city of Carcar, there are several lechon stalls to choose from. The place may not be attractive – remember it’s a public market – but you have the option to taste their lechon first before actually paying for it – a fun and unique experience isn’t it? For sure you don’t get the chance to experience lechon tasting in Cebu City.

Lechon stalls in Carcar Public Market doesn’t have sits or tables for customers, but inside the market and close to the lechon stalls are small restaurants or carenderias where you can eat. Just buy puso or hanging rice, steamed rice, softdrinks or any viand from the restaurant and you’re all set to enjoy Carcar’s tasty lechon.

2. CNT Lechon

If you love lechon, you love CNT. Started out as small lechon business in Guadalupe wayback in 1988, today it has earned its spot to become one of Cebu’s most reputed restaurants boosting for its tasty lechon. With several branches in the city, CNT’s lechon captures not only the taste buds of Cebuanos but also the discriminating tastes of foreign tourists and locals alike.

A popular lechon house in the city, CNT also serves home-made style traditional Filipino dishes in the menu. So, in addition to their bestselling tasty lechon, CNT loyal customers are also presented array of food choices to satisfy their gastronomic cravings.

Affordability, customer service, great tasting food – CNT is a not-to-be-missed gastronomic spot in Cebu.

3. House of Lechon

You don’t have to travel to Carcar to fill your craving for that tasty Carcar version lechon. You don’t need to hunt around Cebu just to get a bite for that spicy flavored lechon. Try this out! Serving Carcar special lechon and classic spicy lechon, House of Lechon is another lechon specialty restaurant in Cebu worth checking out.

Besides lechon, you can also satisfy your cravings with their flavorful authentic Visayan cuisine and wide selections of popular mouthwatering Filipino dishes. From your favorite humba and bam-i to pork dinuguan and sisig to name a few, House of Lechon is among the best stops in Cebu City for that gastronomic cravings.