Cebu City, Philippines

Filipinos are happy people, Filipinos love to eat. No wonder, at the mention of Cebu – festivities and gastronomic treats immediately come to mind for most Filipinos. Yes! These two things stand out from the throng of enticements this beautiful Queen City of the South is known for.

Sinulog Festival

Most renowned for the colourful and elaborate Sinulog festival, thousands of tourists flock to Cebu to witness and experience one of Philippines’ grandest festivities happening every 3rd Sunday of January. In honour of the island’s Patron Saint, the Sinulog Festival is a weeklong celebration with street dancing to the beat of drums culminating the event.

Cebu Lechon

And of course, when there’s a feast, there’s food! If you ask any Filipino for the most popular dishes in the Philippines, “lechon” is always at the top of the list – it’s the supernova in every feasts, birthdays, weddings and all kinds of celebrations.

While “lechon” is very popular all over the Philippines, Cebu earned a top spot as the home of the best tasting crispy “lechon” in the country. Thus, a visit to Cebu is the perfect opportunity to sample Philippines’ highly regarded culinary treasure.