Cebu City, Philippines

Cebu City is a prime shopping destination in the country. Being a commercial district, Cebu City has a whole host of shops, from the grand and expensive to the cheap and commonplace. Then, between them are those that balance price and quality – the perfect shopping havens. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Colon Street

For the walkaholic and shopaholic, trek through the shops of Colon Street. It’s hard to believe that this is the oldest street in the country, and named after the famous Cristobal Colon — another name for Christopher Columbus. Hip shops that carry anything and everything can be found here.

As a plus, Colon Street also has a lot of restaurants – literally a one-stop foodie area. Just be careful of pickpockets and other miscreants.

Carbon Market

If you’re in town for some fresh produce, nothing beats Carbon Market. It is the largest farmer’s market in the city, and is also a must-see for tourists. Located on MC Briones Street, it can easily be accessed through jeepneys or buses.

The items sold here are many and varied, from the basket handicrafts of neighboring Bohol to chickens, fish, fruits, and vegetables.

Tabo sa Banay

For cheap apparel, nothing beats Tabo sa Banay. The place is a melting pot of goods from various places, both local and international. Items from Manila and Mindanao mingle with Hong Kong and Bangkok products. The layout is sort of a bazaar, within a three-storey building (only the first two of which are dedicated to selling).

Tabo sa Banay is located at Manalili Street, and is a short walk from the Colon branch of Metro Gaisano. With just a few hundred pesos, you can buy a lot of clothes – provided you’re willing to sweat in its non-air conditioned environs.

Taboan Market

Cebu is famous for its trademark pasalubong, the danggit (dried fish). And when you mention danggit, locals only think of one place — Taboan Market. Go here for top-notch salted and unsalted danggit, dried squid, and various fish products.

This danggit haven is easily accessible via jeepney, and there’s no mistaking you’re at the right place for the strong fishy smell that marks the end of your journey. Just be sure to bring some extra clothes if you’re going someplace else afterwards!


In other places, malls are often thought to contain overpriced goods. Not here in Cebu City, so long as you know where to look. Take time to browse around the famous malls in the area, such as SM City Cebu, SM Seaside, Robinson’s Galleria Cebu, Robinson’s Place Cebu and Ayala Center Cebu. The air conditioned environs makes for easy shopping, and you’re sure to bring home some good finds, too.

Cebu’s commercial nature endows it with a wide array of shopping options. What will you be bringing home? Chances are it’s more than what you planned to in the first place!