Together, these islands weave a tapestry of wonder that is best experienced first-hand. What kind of getaway are you planning next? Whatever it is, the Philippines has you covered.

The country is divided into three “islands” (island groups), each having their own unique identity:

The seat of the capital and the largest island group, Luzon is characterized by a melding of urban culture and tribal charm. The metropolis of the National Capital Region houses some of the best urban tourism spots in the country, while the highlands of the north provide the perfect setting for those seeking the serenity of the countryside.

This colorful group of islands below Luzon has the historical significance of being the country’s birthplace. A vibrant tourist scene thrives in Visayas, largely owing to its chain of world-class beaches and resorts. Cultural treasures dating back from the country’s colonial times are also here for everyone to see.

All the way to the south, Mindanao is historically the land of the unconquered Moros. In the tourism front, it marries the sprawling cities of Luzon with the unbridled natural wonders of Visayas. The region showcases a staggeringly diverse set of cultures, coexisting in relative harmony. Considered the country’s “Food Basket” and a huge exporter of various products, it features wide, well-manicured farms and plantations open for the world to see.