Despite continuous infrastructure development, Filipinos do their best to protect bastions of nature. This is evident in the various ecotourism drives that showcase not only the natural beauty of the country but also engages its audience in ways on how to protect it. An abundance of protected areas stand as testaments to these, such as Davao’s Mt. Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary (a UNESCO World Heritage site) and Romblon’s Looc Fish Sanctuary. There are also those that raise awareness of environmental issues and their effect on biodiversity, such as the Bataan Sea Turtle Conservation Center.

There are also various tours that showcase the value of sustainable living, like Bulacan’s Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm. Even large-scale properties are getting into the ecotourism game, with more and more green hotels and resorts that strive to leave minimal impact on the surrounding environment. From building the structures out of recycled materials and using organic products to help reduce wastes, these ecofriendly estates help ensure that the gems of nature are preserved.