Kabayan Hotel – The Closest Thing to Home

With the many hotels littered in the Metro, it is rather hard to choose between comfort and luxury. If you’re aiming for reasonable prices and at the same time looking for one place that feels most close to home, check out (or rather check-in) at Kabayan Hotel in Pasay City.

Kabayan HotelKabayan Hotel is derived from a local term of endearment for fellow countrymen, which is synonymous to the Filipino term kapwa, meaning brother, sibling, or even kindred. It is a close bond or togetherness that comes with being part of the Filipino culture and race. With the common trend of Filipinos going abroad to greener pastures, it is this link that binds them together, making one feel that they are not alone.

And with that, Kabayan Hotel exemplifies the spirit of homeliness, with its quality services, accommodations, and friendly staff. Each of its 276 rooms is designed for simplistic uniqueness that is usually embedded in the Filipino culture, as well as the comfortable functionality of being at home in one’s country.

Kabayan Hotel is a common ground for both locals from various regions that happen to stay in the city and those that have gone abroad. Usual guests are OFWs or Overseas Filipino Workers either arriving from overseas or leaving the country back to work. who Kabayan Hotel is praised often for its hospitality and openness to the working community by providing decent rooms to stay in. Hence, since its starting years, there have been many regulars who have become loyal patrons of this homely hotel.

In Kabayan Hotel, you can always expect air-conditioned rooms in Premium and the common rooms, as well as Team, Standard, Pads, Flats and Dormitories. The Kabayan Hotel in Pasay City offers Kapsule rooms, a new feature accommodation that showcases the use of Japanese capsule beds.

Because of this, Kabayan Hotel can be rather comfortable and convenient, as it can cater to groups as well as individuals who wish to stay for transient periods at a time. Each room has a private and personal bath and toilet, cable TV, a bedside control panel and a telephone for both in-hotel connections as well as IDD and NDD calls. Safety deposit boxes can be found in the room as well for personal valuables.

Kabayan HotelKabayan Hotel also caters to various common services such as room service and restaurant services, laundry services, complimentary Internet Access (WiFi), massage services, even medical services, each with friendly Kabayan personnel ready to assist to your every need. Kabayan Hotel also has facilities such as conference and function rooms for big get-togethers (whether formal or informal) as well as business meetings. There is also a business center that promotes local products and merchandise. Kabayan Hotel also provides parking spaces for its clients that stay in and have their own mode of transportation.

Other than the business and work related facilities, Kabayan Hotel also provides its own facilities for leisure purposes such as the disco lounge, children’s playroom, and live entertainment. And Kabayan Hotel makes sure you won’t need to stop having fun or feeling comfortable with their standby power generators ready should the need arise.

The common patrons and clients of Kabayan Hotel are those that often have early flights or go for the first flights in the wee hours of the morning. This is why Kabayan Hotel starts their breakfast servings for as early as 4am! This is very convenient for those who’d like to eat before their flights and those with early morning meetings to tend to. It is noted that when you book for a room or stay in Kabayan Hotel, all regular accommodations come with free set breakfast at their Pinoy Star Café, with unlimited rice plus free-flowing coffee, water, and juice. Common breakfast items include known Filipino favorites such as Chicken Adobo, Pork Jerky or Pork Tapa, Crispy Pata, Fried Milkfish or Daing na Bangus in colloquial terms, and more. You can go and have a try at their Filipino Halo-Halo along with other refreshing desserts! With this in mind, you can also request the food to be brought up as room service, but be sure to mind the time as the last call for breakfast is at 10am.

Emphasizing convenience, Kabayan Hotel is rather close to airports. The hotel provides bus shuttle services and transportation to take its guests to and from locations such as the airport routes and SM Mall of Asia. Found in the heart of the city, it has ease of access in public transportation, various major business districts, as well as other key areas within Metro Manila such as Newport City, Metro Point Mall, and the Baclaran Bargain District. For the convenience of both foreign nationals as well as OFWs, the Kabayan Hotel in Pasay is a mere few minutes away from embassies of the US, Japan, and Korea, and from government agencies such as OWWA, DFA, and NSO.

As mentioned beforehand, the prices are very reasonable, as you can book for about Php 2,000 – 3,000 a night in their standard rooms. This is very convenient for budget city travelers as well as those who’d want to get quality value and convenience in the places they choose to stay in.

Kabayan Hotel is about one of those few local hotels that many can call a home away from home. This is because the hotel puts upon itself a responsibility to embody what it is truly to be Filipino: hospitable, friendly, ingenious, simple and very willing to help. From each prepped room, a warm cordial staff that welcomes you in, and even down to its great value, guests experience the unique kind of care that is only found in Filipino culture. Being able to provide comfort and convenience as well as an at-home feel is not what many hotels can boast about, and Kabayan Hotel can say that they have done so in their years of service to the Filipino community, especially to the OFWs.

From the airport, to the lobby and back, many of the guests are drawn to the fact that Kabayan Hotel provides a home for everyone. It is not limiting, as it welcomes fellow Filipinos in all backgrounds and walks of life to come together and enjoy quality time with their loved ones. Even if it is not exactly like being back in their hometown, it’s almost as if it is.

With the many hotels littered in the Metro, it is rather hard to choose between comfort and luxury, especially if your budget is aiming for reasonable prices. But if you’re looking for one that feels most close to home, check out (or rather check-in at) Pasay’s Kabayan Hotel.

Kabayan Hotel address

Kabayan Hotel
347 EDSA, Pasay City
Metro Manila 1300

Kabayan Hotel contact

Front Desk
Phone: +6327727888
Mobile: +639178910772

Phone: +632 702 2700
Mobile/Viber: +63 917 702 2700
Facsimile: +632 638 9255, 702 2780

Photo Credits: Kabayan Hotel

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