Magic Ice Bar Oslo: The Coolest Bar to Chill At

There are so many unique things you can experience that can only be found at certain places, thanks to the ingenuity of some people.

Magic Ice Bar Oslo in Norway is a stylish haven of art and unique icy fun. The bar is literally made out of ice with ice walls. However, the ceiling and floor are not, most likely for the safety of the guests.

Keeping Warm inside Magic Ice Bar Oslo

Magic Ice Bar OsloIt’s -5 degrees inside the bar. But considering you’re in Norway, the temperature outside may be even lower during winter. It’s crazy, but going in to “get warm” isn’t an odd concept, considering how much colder it is outside.

Even if you’re not a big fan of the cold, it’s actually not so bad. When I went in, the staff handed me a thermal poncho and very comfortable gloves. Despite being in a bar literally made out of ice, the poncho kept me warm. Having some drinks helped too.

The cost of the entrance already comes with a free drink, and of course, the poncho and gloves to keep you warm during your stay. If you’re not a heavy drinker, I advise that you take your complimentary drink slowly, as the alcohol content is very strong. The taste was good enough. However, the “cool” thing about the drinks served at this bar is that they come in literal ice glasses. No need to order “on the rocks” or worry about your drink growing warm. The cool atmosphere and the ice glasses will keep your drink just the perfect temperature for enjoyment. If you stay at the bar, you’re also up for a new experience since it is also made out of ice. It’s quite amazing to imagine that the ice furniture here holds as well as they do.

Picture Perfect

This place is a great place to take pictures! They have ice sculptures and ice versions of art by many renowned Norwegian artists like Edvard Munch, Frits Thaulow, and Hans Gude. It’s such a novelty to see great works of art, made as ice sculptures. You can see the craftsmanship and attention to detail in their ice works. This is what makes the Magic Ice Bar truly unique.

Magic Ice Bar OsloIt’s a small and quaint bar that is much more active at night so it’s a good idea to visit during that time. There are many people around, mostly college-level students and tourists coming to have a unique experience at the Magic Ice Bar. Also, you get to experience the colors coming to life since they project colored lights on the statues and the bar. It really livens the place up and gives it a sleek, metropolitan vibe.

Magic Ice Bar OsloIt’s a great novelty experience and you can take truly dazzling pictures while sipping at your drinks of choice. The entrance is a bit pricey but if you consider the regular price for alcoholic drinks in Norway, it’s not too bad. Going there at least once is great as it is a tourist destination, although maybe it’s best to hit up a regular bar if you want to have the whole bar experience without the pricey entrance.

Magic ice Bar Oslo Photo Gallery

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