Majestic Kapatagan La Libertad Lake Adventure

There’s just something about summer that makes you want to go places! You would think that after spending a good part of the year on a cruise ship, I would like to stay put and enjoy firm land under my feet. But no, the wanderlust kicks in, and I find myself doing everything I can to explore new places!

Lanao del Norte is blessed with so many exciting places, and being its native, I want to see its lakes, falls, cold springs and more. Of course, it’s summer and also the perfect time to bond with the kids – cooling off while summer goes its merry way. To top everything off, I wanted to take the family on a completely new experience and adventure.

Majestic Kapatagan La Libertad Lake AdventureThere’s this lake in the remote village of La Libertad in the municipality of Kapatagan. Dubbed the “Majestic Kapatagan La Libertad Lake Adventure”, the place is purported to offer not just a breath of fresh, cool air but also a good number of water rides in an Instagram-worthy environment. That sounds awesome to me, so, I immediately planned for a trip!

The drive to Majestic Kapatagan La Libertad Lake Adventure

The place is a bit remote. From Kapatagan town proper, I had to drive for about half an hour to get to the place. I knew we were heading to a remote village, so it’s unlikely to find a restaurant in the area. To play it safe, we dropped by a Jollibee outlet in Marandeng for some take out lunch and then off we go!

The drive to Majestic Kapatagan La Libertad Lake in itself was an experience. The scenery wasn’t something they (or I, for that matter) get to see every day. There were rice, coconut, and banana farms on the way, not to speak of various animals such as horses, cows, carabaos and goats lazily grazing on grass. At the back seat, it was fun to watch the sparkle in the little ones’ eyes as they watched the scenery fly by. And for me, on the wheel, the feeling was nostalgic. I grew up in a farming village and seeing this scenery totally brought me back to memory lane.

Majestic Kapatagan La Libertad Lake AdventureAnd by the way, if you choose not to drive your own car, you can get to the place either by a traditional habal-habal or a regular tricycle. While the habal-habal has the advantage when it comes to treading the tough terrain (the lake is located atop a fairly steep climb), the tricycle might be more practical for those with little ones.

A habal –habal is a motorcycle with an extended seat that can accommodate up to five passengers. It is a popular mode of transportation in far-flung barangays. And a tricycle is a Philippine rickshaw. It’s actually a motorcycle with an attached sidecar.

Here’s a piece of advice for first time visitors in the town or municipality of Kapatagan. Always remember that the locals here are very kind and cordial. Just ask and they will help you get a ride to their town’s hidden jewel.

The expanse of coconut trees and blue skies greeted us as we reached the lake. It was indeed, a refreshing sight! We visited the place on a weekday and it was very quiet. According to the man in charge running the place, if we come on Saturdays or Sundays, long queue to get to the water rides is expected.

It was exactly noon time when we arrived La Libertad Lake. So, before hitting on the water rides, we ate our lunch first. It was like an old-school family picnic!

A Tranquil Adventure

From the get-go, one can see that La Libertad is made for relaxation rather than all-out adventures. Also, it’s not made to cater for huge throngs of crowds. That’s okay, since there aren’t too many visitors in this place (at least not yet). For those that are there, you can be assured of a huge amount of elbow room. It’s ideal for those who wish to get away from the bustles of the city.

The Water Rides

Swat Boats
For the families, the swan boat is a really nice option. It can seat four people and allows you a good little challenge of syncing up with the others on pedaling and deciding where to go. It’s
also great for those seeking for a shade on a bright, sunny day. Unless, of course, you wish to take advantage of the floating cottages instead.

Water Bikes
A notch above the swan boats are the water bikes, which seats two and offers more of a fun time. You have to make sure you and your partner pedal at the same time and at the same speed if you want to get somewhere! It’s pretty exciting since the water bike is quite light, and sways at every turn. You’re being asked to wear lifejackets for a reason! While there are no real dangers here, the adrenaline factor is turned up a notch. Be careful when turning!

And of course, there are the kayaks which can seat up to two people. Fail the rowing, and you might as well be taking a bath in the waters of La Libertad Lake. Which isn’t so bad after all (not that we experienced that, though).

If you have an afternoon to spend here, it would be awesome to try all of these rides! Of course, you can just lay a mat on the green grass and enjoy the cool breeze from the lake. Being that this is a highland lake in a fairly far-flung area, even the hottest afternoons here are much more tolerable than down in the city.

Majestic Kapatagan La Libertad Lake AdventureSome Tips for You

Aside from food (which, by the way, you can buy in Kapatagan town proper), it would be nice to bring in some other provisions such as enough water and a couple of changes of clothes. If you have a dry water bag, it would be best to put your stuff in one just to be safe. It’s highly likely you will be bringing your stuff along with you for the rides, since there are no baggage counters around. You may opt to leave your items with the staff, though.

Since there’s likely a lot of picture taking here, it would also be best to invest in a waterproof pouch for your phones. You’ll never know when you might take a dip! These pouches are pretty inexpensive, and you can buy them either online or in shops that sell phone accessories.

La Libertad Lake Adventure Entrance Fee

The entrance fee for Majestic Kapatagan La Libertad Lake Adventure is at only Php 5, and the rides are Php 75 per hour (except for the kayak, which is charged per head).

If you want to get somewhere far away without totally cutting yourself off from civilization, Majestic Kapatagan La Libertad Lake Adventure is a pretty good choice! It’s a nice fusion of man and nature, and is the perfect venue for some much-deserved bonding time with the family.

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