Mariners’ Home, Home For Filipino Seafarers

Situated in the heart of Manila’s business district, Mariners’ Home caters the need of providing thousands of Filipino seafarers not just simply a place to stay but a very decent and high standard accommodation they deserved.

For seafarers either arriving from work or awaiting for their scheduled deployment overseas; attending their never – ending professional enhancement and competitiveness trainings; or spending a holiday with the whole family in Manila, Mariners’ Home is the perfect place to stay. Whatever the reasons are, Mariners’ Home simply aims to provide seafarers a home away from home.

Mariners' HomeMariners’ Home maintains its goal of providing high standard accommodation for seafarers in their two existing brand new buildings – Mariners’ Home Main and Mariner’s Home Annex. The first Mariners’ Home is located in Nakpil Street corner Vasques Street and is just walks away to Robinson’s Place in Malate. Mariner’s Home Annex is in Pilar Hidalgo Lim Street and is walking distance to Qurino LRT Station. To accommodate more seafarers, Mariners’ Home is on the verge of continual expansion. Update of their latest expansion will be posted here soon.

Mariners' HomeChoosing to stay in Mariners’ Home instead in those sprawling second-class hotels, inns and pension houses everywhere in and around Metro Manila is just the same as staying in a three or four star Manila hotels. In Mariners’ Home, a seafarer enjoys free complimentary breakfast, free Wi-Fi internet access, free shuttle service to the airport, free use of the fitness gym, indoor swimming pool and sauna, free clinic consultation and a lot more. In short, Mariners’ Home provides quality and high standard sanctuary hard working seafarers truly deserved.

To accommodate the varying standard of every seafarer’s needs and preferences, Mariners’ Home accommodation ranges from fully air-conditioned dormitory type rooms to two-person configuration and suite rooms.

Filipino seafarers are the most in demand sailors in the world. The continuing efforts of JSU-AMOSUP in providing Filipino seamen and seawomen the best accommodation is an effort seafarers truly deserved.

For seafarers looking for cheap accommodation without compromising comfort, security, safety and 3 to 4 star hotel standards, you may contact Mariners’ Home from these numbers below:


Photos: Jimanne Mutia

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