We Found Barbados!

Calm to slight seas had been pounding endlessly on the vessel’s hull, and after seven days of cutting through the currents, we have sighted land.

We found Barbados! Well, it wasn’t quite as dramatic as a new discovery, but only a seafarer would know the way the heart skips when one sights a distant shoreline. It’s like a mini Columbus or Magellan moment.

Barbados_BridgetownThe ship inched closer and closer to Barbados, the first port after the ship’s trans-Atlantic crossing. As it did, I could see the beautiful beaches on the shoreline. With the binoculars, I could see the numerous tourists sprawling in the sands. I closed my eyes for a bit and I was already imagining being on the beach with a can of beer in my hand while sitting under the sun in one of those pretty white chairs.

Ah, but it was mere imagination as in reality I was manning my shift at the bridge or the ship’s wheelhouse. The bridge in nautical term is that part of the ship where the ship is navigated and is largely responsible for getting the ship to its destination – so I felt a modicum of pride in doing so.

Barbados_ChefetteAn hour before noon, we were already in the port of Bridgetown and docked at our assigned berth – Sugar Berth. Finally I could join my friends for lunch on land! Food onboard had class, but after some time we were craving for some Barbados-style meals (yes, that specific).The cruise terminal happened to be just a stone’s throw away from our favorite Barbadian fast food, Chefette. Its popularity here is similar to Jollibee back home. Of course, nothing can beat our very own fried chicken, but Chefette’s gravy really is something. I don’t quite know how to describe it, but it may just be one of the reasons that excites us every time we head for Barbados.

After lunch, my visions finally started coming true as we headed to the beach. We headed for the Boat Yard, one of the more popular beach resorts in Barbados, but it was closed for the day. So instead, we ended up in another popular beach called Copacabana. The water was really tempting! The sands were powdery and fine, and though they were not quite as white as Boracay or many others in the Philippines, they were a welcome relief from the mechanical precision of the cruise ship.

BarbadosI really wished I could stay longer at the beach, but duty is calling back at the ship. The ship is home for the journey, after all, and these beautiful islands are just pit stops. I am grateful I was still able to go visit the beach even just for a short time, as it was what I really needed to relax and recharge.

We were at port for just 8 hours as we were scheduled to sail at 8PM that same day. Our next port after Bridgetown, Barbados was the port of Kralendijk, Bonaire. I planned to enjoy the sun and sand here too, but I am not yet sure if I can. We’re expected at port tomorrow, so I’ll take the cliché and literally see what tomorrow brings!

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