S Hotel Cebu: Right At The Top

Finding the “best” budget hotel isn’t always easy, because nearly all of them share the same descriptions. They offer the same basic amenities, and while some have their pros and cons it’s not easy to weigh each against the other. In the end, the only real basis for finding the “best” is by checking them all out and finding which one best floats your subjective boat. For me, that’s the budget hotel that does all the basics perfectly — never mind the add-ons.

S Hotel CebuCebu’s S Hotel comes really close to that “best”. This hotel is located in Guadalupe, and that’s already a good sign. That means all the great sights and important stops are within its vicinity. It’s near the Fuente Circle and its many amenities, and it’s also near tourist attractions. The airport is just under an hour away, too.

If the location was good, what I found inside was even better S Hotel is a relative newcomer in the budget hotel landscape of Cebu, first opening its doors in 2016. They offer a variety of rooms, such as the Standard and Deluxe Double Rooms; the Luxury Twin Room; the Standard, Deluxe and Luxury Triple Rooms; and the Standard Quadruple rooms. This wide selection ticks another box in the checklists of those looking for accommodations that will suit either solo travellers or whole families.

Better on the inside
S Hotel CebuWhen I checked into S Hotel, everything was simple and hassle free. I immediately noticed the well-maintained public spaces, which could of course be attributed to the fact that the building and all its facilities are fairly new. You have to ascend a few steps of stairs before reaching the hotel entrance, though, so this might not be perfect for those with heavy luggage. Anyway, this is an easily-negotiable thing.

S Hotel CebuThe staff was very courteous, and though the service was simple it was all done right. When I entered the room, I was even more impressed. It was big and clean, right down to the toilet and bath (yes, both big and clean, too). The soft bed, with its spotless sheets, was very inviting. The strong air conditioning was a fresh respite from the heat outside, all without rattling like most air conditioners usually do. Again, this might be due to it being new, but it’s something very welcome anyway.

S Hotel CebuS Hotel is like a little oasis, especially for tired travellers. It doesn’t offer anything very fancy — no spa, no gourmet restaurant, or the like. It does deliver the basics, like housekeeping, a regular resto, free WiFi, parking, and cable TV. It’s all just good enough to serve as a restful pit stop in the middle of the city, perfect for those who need to recharge and to face the next day’s adventures once more. When you’re on a budget, and a posh vacation isn’t the prime thing on your mind, S Hotel should be on top of your list.

S Hotel Cebu

View of Cebu City from my hotel room.

This isn’t to say there aren’t any cons about this hotel. There may be, but the pros are just so good that I did not have time to nitpick! And in the end, isn’t that what the real hotel experience should be about?

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