Texas Street, A Pulsating Nightlife Destination in Busan

There’s a lot to experience in Busan. From dining and shopping to clubbing and bar hopping, Busan offers many things to do even after sunset. So when I took a short break working on cruise vessels and decided working on cargo ship (at least for one contract) sailing mainly around Asia, I finally had my chance to experience Busan – not on its attractions at the forefront but to the back alleys of Texas Street, a commercial street popular to local residents, foreigners and merchant sailors.
Texas StreetTexas Street is actually a one-stop place for clubbing, dining and shopping. In addition to several clubs and go-go bars lining the street, a number of eateries as well as shops selling clothes, hand bags, shoes and leather goods are also found in this lively part of Busan. So, if you simply would just want to sing or dance the night away, Texas Street is where you should be. Texas Street is just across the road fronting Busan Station.
But beware with the hostesses socializing with you in your table, because for every drink they can get you to buy for them, they earned a commission. So, the more drinks you buy for them the higher commission they’ll earn. Well, unless you don’t mind leaving the place with an empty wallet. And remember, these women are not prostitutes, so never expect for that happy-ending thing.
Busan Train StationTexas Street used to be a red light district popular to US military men based in Busan. But when US military closed its Busan facilities and diplomatic ties between South Korea and Russia was established, Russian sailors predominantly replaced the GIs. To date, besides Russian sailors frequenting the place, Texas Street is as well very popular to Filipino sailors. So, if you visit Texas Street today, you will find several clubs and bars named after popular places in the Philippines such as ‘Club Boracay’ displayed in glittering neon boards.
Busan is a pulsating nightlife destination in the land of kimchi. So when you are visiting Busan, be sure to experience the nightlife of the city.

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