Cebu City, Philippines

Carcar Public Market

carcar public market

In Cebu, it’s typical to find restaurants serving lechon and stalls inside shopping malls selling this all-time favorite cuisine. For tourists visiting Cebu, this is the easiest access to taste and enjoy the mouth-watering lechon.

Actually, it’s very easy to find this tasty Cebu gastronomic treat – it is everywhere in the city and anywhere around Cebu island – it’s every restaurants’ best-seller. Inside Carcar Public Market in the city of Carcar, there are several lechon stalls to choose from. The place may not be attractive – remember it’s a public market – but you have the option to taste their lechon first before actually paying for it – a fun and unique experience isn’t it? For sure you don’t get the chance to experience lechon tasting in Cebu City.

Lechon stalls in Carcar Public Market doesn’t have sits or tables for customers, but inside the market and close to the lechon stalls are small restaurants or carenderias where you can eat. Just buy puso or hanging rice, steamed rice, softdrinks or any viand from the restaurant and you’re all set to enjoy Carcar’s tasty lechon.