Uncle Tom’s Cabin Hotel in Cebu

Uncle Tom’s Cabin Hotel in Cebu is worth checking out if you are looking for a comfortable stay in the city without breaking the budget. Of course it’s easy to find hotels in the city – Cebu has lots and lots of it – but I’m telling you, Uncle Tom’s Cabin Hotel is one of the best hotels in town.

Despite “shelter” being the first thing that usually comes to mind when we think of hotels, we know that there are lots of factors that come into play when we are choosing where to bed for the night during our travels. Other words that pop up simultaneously are “price”, “location”, “amenities”, “cleanliness”, “aesthetics”, “food”, and “service”. We have come to expect hotels to be places of pure relaxation, and yet we are constantly trying to seek the elusive balance between that and a deep hole in our pockets.

This nature is largely why hotels such as Uncle Tom’s Cabin Hotel in Cebu thrive. Focusing on the core wants and needs of every guest, the hotel seeks to provide just the right level of opulence. Call it hitting the sweet spot between a treatment fit for a king and the bare necessities for a restful night.

Comfort and Value, Hand in Hand
Uncle Tom’s Cabin HotelUncle Tom’s Cabin Hotel is a seven-storey building that is located at the heart of Cebu City, with locations such as the Fuente Osmeña Circle and Ayala Center Cebu being just a few minutes away. There are more schools, hospitals, museums, shopping areas, and tourist destinations nearby so you’re covered for whatever it is that brought you to the Queen City of the South. It is also strategically located near the Mactan Cebu International Airport, which is a little less than 10 kilometers away.

The hotel has 103 rooms, most of which have a view overlooking the Cebu metropolis. These rooms are equipped with the basic necessities such as a comfortable bed, a good bathroom with hot-and-cold shower, a flat-screen TV, a telephone, and more. The rooms are maintained by daily housekeeping, to make sure you get clean sheets every night. Public areas are also equipped with free WiFi, so you can lounge around the 24-hour front desk while updating Facebook and Instagram! If you’re taking a car around the city (the hotel also offers a car rental service) there’s even free parking subject to availability.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin HotelBut the thing that really sets Uncle Tom’s apart from the competition is its rates. It’s known in the area for providing some of the best bang for the buck, and it even proudly proclaims that its prices are unbeatable! And when you do compare the rates (just around Php 1,000 a night if you book online) with the level of service you’re getting, it’s easy to see that this claim is true. The building is fairly new, the rooms tastefully decorated, and the service impeccably courteous.

The hotel offers a wide range of accommodations, no matter your budget. Whether you’re up for just a night’s stay or looking to spend a whole week (or more) in Cebu, Uncle Tom’s could cater to your needs. Of course, knowing that you are not paying a fortune for what you’re getting lifts a great deal from your mind, and allows you to enjoy your stay even more!

A Splash of Color
Cebu is a very colorful city, and Uncle Tom’s has successfully incorporated this personality into its rooms. Its entry-level accommodation, the Deluxe Single, has blue accents along its walls, while the twin has a delightful shade of lemon behind the headboards. The Deluxe King, equipped with a double-bed, has a solid splash of color on the walls, while the Suite Room has an executive feel to it with wood-tone walls and complementary upholstery.

There are picture frames to liven up the walls, and the top-tier room is adorned with abstract designs reminiscent of the city’s tribal origins. Overall, the aesthetics are crisp and clean, colorful without being too gaudy. It’s definitely more than what you would expect from budget hotels, which are often hampered by hackneyed tones.

Much, much more
Uncle Tom’s Cabin HotelThe hotel, like most others nowadays, has its own restaurant that offers a fusion of Asian and American cuisines. There’s our very own adobo, humba, and lechon kawali standing among the Indian chicken curry and the American burger-and-fries combo. For those looking for something a little unusual, their Louisiana Cajun Chicken is a good bet. The rates also include breakfast from this resto, and you can order stuff via their 24-hour room service. Those looking for someplace to wallow in after-hour drinks could also check out their hotel bar.

If dining or drinking isn’t your idea of whiling away time, you could also try out their massage services courtesy of their spa. Or you could also dive into their in-house swimming pool and soak away those tired muscles! It’s a relaxing treat for those who feel beat after a full day of discovering Cebu’s wonders. Because when you stay at Uncle Tom’s, it’s impossible not to wander around the various places nearby. Even their website contains lots of tourist-friendly information about the city! If you’re at a loss, all you have to do is approach their ever-helpful concierge service at the reception.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin HotelThe hotel also throws in other services, taking to heart their mission to provide as much value as possible. There are cleaning services ranging from laundry and dry cleaning to ironing and shoe shining. There are designated smoking areas for the whole facility, and the building is also wheelchair friendly. And it doesn’t matter where you’re from — the staff are fully bilingual, so you can get your requests across easily!

If you forgot to buy that pasalubong for someone and you’re already set to check out, no need to worry. There is also a gift shop within the hotel! They weren’t kidding when they said they had the traveler’s best interests in mind.

So if you drop by at Cebu City and are looking for a good place to spend the night in, make sure to drop by Uncle Tom’s Cabin Hotel. Sure, there are lots of other options out there, but none could quite match this hotel’s experience. It’s one that could raise a traveler’s expectations in budget hotels, matching exceptional amenities with a sincere service that is the hallmark of Filipino hospitality.

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