Visit Carlsberg: Better Than Beer

Beer is a wonderful thing, and I’m not only talking about drinking it.

Carlsberg beer! Well, this tastes very familiar to me. Want to know more about Carlsberg beer? Well, grab a cold can of Carlsberg but please remain sober because I am going to share here something about your (our) favorite!

Visit CarlsbergUnknown to many, beer — and the places involved in making and serving it — has had quite important roles in the history of nations. It’s not for nothing that it is the second most-consumed beverage after tea.

Visit CarlsbergGreat beer brands also have their rich share of history, as many could witness firsthand at Copenhagen’s Carlsberg Brewery tour. Simply titled “Visit Carlsberg”, the tour expounds not just on the history of the brand but on beer in general. This is an experience that tickles the mind and the palate, and holds a draw for almost everyone. For this reason, Visit Carlsberg has evolved into one of the largest tourist spots in Copenhagen.

A feast for the senses
Visit CarlsbergDrinking beer can be done anytime, and almost anywhere. That much is clear to the people behind the tour, so getting people to taste their brand isn’t the top thing on the minds of the Visit Carlsberg people. Rather, they are more concerned about creating an immersive experience that makes use of all five senses.

Visit CarlsbergVisit Carlsberg is housed in the site of the first ever Carlsberg brewery. For that reason, the architecture itself is a sight to behold. This is your jump-off point to the historical tour. The site contains a lot of priceless pieces and collections, taking you through the story of the brand’s founding from 1847. This involves not just memorabilia from Carlsberg’s first days, but also lively stories about the founder J.C. Jacobsen and his quest to create a world-class brew. Here, you can see and feel what it was like to live during the founder’s time, and you will also be heralded with anecdotes about Jacobsen and his colorful family.

The second part of the Carlsberg experience celebrates the art of beer-making in general and Carlsberg in particular. This is the site where modern Danish beer brewing was invented, and it is also here where the art was practiced in the strictest sense. The beer tasting will introduce you to a beer expert, who will tell you all about the process and the ingredients used. You can touch the ingredients themselves, and inspect them as you follow through the knowledgeable lectures of the guide. Of course, you will also be presented with three different beers from the Carlsberg family. The beer tasting experience takes a little more than half an hour, around the same length as the historical tour.

Visit CarlsbergIf you so desire, you can also take a self-guided tour through the facility. This will take you from the brewhouse, which will show you not just the beer-making process but also the relevant (and then-emerging) technologies used. You’ll also get to see the 20,000 unopened beer bottles housed here, the largest such collection in the world. Outside, you can walk through the collection of sculptures housed in the garden. This houses a hidden gem — the sister sculpture of the famous Little Mermaid statue of Copenhagen! The Little Mermaid itself is a gift from the founder’s son to the city. Of course, you can also visit the famous draught horses in their stables. If you can, visit here on a Friday for their informal bar with food and music!

Getting to Visit Carlsberg

Visit Carlsberg runs their own shuttle bus that will take you from Copenhagen Central Station to the site itself. This shuttle runs from 11AM to 4PM, departing every hour. There’s also a train stop at the Carlsberg Station, if you wish to commute. The site itself is open every Tuesday to Sunday, and the guided tours run every afternoon. Check their website for special events, such as Culture Night and more.

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